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"...a helluva panoramic, all-original platter...sonic craft shines brightly." ~ Dan Willging Dirty Linen Review

"...I'd call it Torchy Front Porchy! ...full-forward Thorwardson!" ~ Rick Huff Rick's Review

"...Coolt!...Toppen CD!" ~ Lillies Ohlsson Kountry Korral Review

"...une formule originale..." ~ Bernard Boyat Sur la Route de Memphis 95 Review

"...beautiful writing, flawless arrangments and skillful musicianship." ~ Michelle Allen CBMS Pow'r Pickin' Review

"...'Something in the Air' really goes beyond my expectations. I'm really amazed at how much variety you put into this recording, while staying within the general envelope of western swing!" ~ Gary Mortenson, KEOS Radio

"Great job! Ive programmed 'Gospel Wagon Train' for my show already but the one that really knocked me out was 'Times Like These.' The whole album is fun!" ~ O.J. Sikes

"...sounds great, such a clean, crisp, sound, nice job." ~ Dave McIntyre, Oskar Blues

"Your brand of Western Swing is like a scented East Texas breeze...or maybe a Colorado breeze, I don't know, but doggone it's good!" ~ Ralph Hampton, Ralph's Back Porch Radio

"Love the CD!" ~ Barbara Richhart, Cowtrails, KSJD Radio

"'s a magnificent album, and I'm proud you included us in the process. ~ Halden Woffard

"The musicianship on every song is stellar. ~ Bret Billings

"Terr -- rif -- ick!! I'm going to keep it on the shelf with my favorite bassoon CDs. Now that's a mark of respect and admiration!! ~ Harvey Fleet

"...thanks for a great musical treat!" ~ John Morton

"What a lovely, tasteful CD - visually as well as aurally! Well done on every front! ~ Marilyn Penn

"Great tunes, great musicians and your voice is in its usual top form! ~ Bonnie Richards

"The cd sounds great! ... You're a very talented lady! ~ Kevin Smith

"I feel as though I can reach out and touch you! Youve reached out and touched me again...FanTASTIC! ~ Joel Levy

CD Cover

"...tres bon album d'un chanteuse du Colorado..." ~ Bernard Boyat Country Music Attitude N108 Review

"...Som nu Nancy fron Colorado ... Swingin'band bakom sig." ~ Lillies Ohlsson Kountry Korral Review

"...tres bon CD...jazzy hillbilly bop..." ~ Bernard Boyat Le Cri du Coyote N98 Review

Baxter Black keeps Colorado Swing in his pickup! ~ What's in Baxter's Truck?

"...Fans looking for great swing will enjoy this CD for sure, and it should be "required listening" for all Western swing musicians looking for first-rate new material!" ~ O.J. Sikes Western Way Review and Rope Burns Review

"The CD arrived today and it is FANTASTIC!!! I will be using all of the cuts on "Swingin' West."Mike Gross

"... This CD is totally upbeat and lots of fun." ~ Cowboy Magazine Review

"The music sounds great, the various ensemble combinations, instrumentally and vocally, sound uniformly terrific, and your songs hit the spot, one after another. Your singing sounds great throughout... I like it all..." ~ John Miller

"Congratulations! Your CD is fantastic." ~ Pat Barrett

"Listening to Nancy Thorwardson's joyous debut CD, Colorado Swing, makes you want to smile. It's another John McVey production, out of Boulder's nationally prominent Coupe Studios 'bunkhouse', with some of Colorado's finest lending a musical 'hand'. The songs - all solid formulas of Western Swing - work together to satisfy every musical niche of the genre." ~ Chuck Pyle

"Nice hot recording, great arrangements, your singing sounds wonderfully relaxed, and charming songs. Proud to know ya!" ~ Del Rey

"Nancy, the CD is tremendous!!! Your songs sound like classic tunes you know for years. Great playing from everyone, and the sound is well produced." ~ Mark Diamond

"It's just great!!! Thanks for including me on this project---I'm very honored to be in such great company, as well as with Sean on his last project. Your writing and singing is terrific---not a weak link in the bunch!!! When's the next one get started?" ~ Johnny Neill

"Colorado Swing sure sounds GREAT!! Your fun compendium of original tunes is long overdue, and the tunes are terrific--every single one. It's a winner of a CD!!" ~ Emily Lites

"WOW! I Love It!" ~ Joel Levy

"Your CD is really wonderful!!! The songs you chose are perfect, the musicians did a wonderful job and the technical side of it (studio/mastering) are all just great!!! ~ Adrienne Yauk

"Thanks for a terrific recording...that's a fine bunch of players!" ~ John Morton

"It gets a 12 out of 10!" ~ Rick Ruble

"Beautifully swung! Love the new CD, it's great." ~ Suze Spencer Marshall

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