Nancy Thorwardson ~ Something in the Air

Rick Huff's Best Of The West Reviews Something in the Air
     (This review appeared in Ralph's Backporch newsletter, April 2009,
           and in Rope Burns, May-June 2009.)

Nancy Thorwardson "Something In The Air" (16103)

It's one of those arrivals in the mail that guarantees there's hope for the genre. Nancy Thorwardson's new CD came in! Actually with her, it's hope for several genres. Nancy Thorwardson ranges from Western and Western Swing to gut blues and retro jazz. I'd call it Torchy Front Porchy! Vintage nods to the left and the right, and then it's full-forward Thorwardson! And on this one she has the additional freedom of having handpicked some of her favorite bands and artists to back her. They include Halden Wofford & The Hi-Beams, Brother Mule, Swing State, Gadzukes!, Sorrento Connection and The Longhorns (I love the name...they play "long horns"...bassoons, bass clarinet...). And then you have the individual artists like the award winning Patty Clayton, the far too under-famous Michael Hurwitz and pianist Michael Creber. At one point it occured to me that Roy Lanham's Whippoorwills might have dived onto much of this material. But no sooner had the thought hit me when up popped one that is almost exactly their treatment! You might get the idea that this is not your usual approach to anything! You're right. Some of it swings, some of it is Western and all of it is truly fine music in a straighforward presentation. Thorwardson is one of the writers singers watch so they can glom on to new material. They'll find some more gems here and you can get them first in their pure, uncut form!
     - By Rick Huff

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